Walking with Cliff

Although both my recovery and building this web site are taking their own sweet time, the Tutorials section has finally started to grow. Keep an eye on it ;)


Cliff Bowman

It is with peculiarly heavy heart that I must announce that Rob Semenoff has finally taken up my years-old plea for someone to take over the duty of chief cat herder for the Who3D group. Perversely nothing hit the group (or my ability to act as lead) like being invited by the BBC to work toward bringing the series back - it seems to me now that we lost focus, bedazzled by this most promising of offers. The fault was not the BBCs, but ours in not continuing with what we were doing prior to getting involved with them.

Rob has new and interesting directions to take the group in, which my increasingly poor health in recent years would not permit me to attempt (this is one reason that I've been threatening for years to turn this site into something for myself alone if no-one would get up and run the group). So while he takes the group off elsewhere to continue what we started, this site should (slowly, oh so slowly) expand again to become a much more personal site of my own.. I might even do a blog! LOL. What is certain is that the site will no longer be focussed soley on Doctor Who - while I doubt that the influence of that superb show will ever be far from me, I'm hoping to be a little more varied from here on out. I wish Rob and the old gang the very best in their continued endevours.

Cliff Bowman