WIP! Who3D.com will be back!

While I try to decide exactly what I’m going to put up here from the many things I am passionate about, here’s an image that I use as my Windows background. It was inspired by work done in primary school by my son (one passion) and his class using 3D software (primarily Poser and DAZ Studio - another passion!) And features figures by “3D Universe” (he makes some really REALLY cool cartoon stuff - another passion of mine. See what I meant about 3D Universe at http://www.3duniverse.co.za/).

No “Doctor Who” or depictions of my wife in this image. So while it’s a fairly rounded “mix several passions together” image I’ll obviously have to come up with some more images. Stay tooned…

Cliff Bowman

PS oh yeah - this image is Copyright © Cliff Bowman 2012. Most everything on this site is likely to be my own work. So don’t claim it’s yours. But feel free to use this as your own backdrop, or for your child’s wallpaper as a safety reminder, or as a joke on your teenager’s computer to remind them that they will ALWAYS be your little boy or girl!